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Posted by Bordtennis on 9. Sep 2018

Hi, everyone! 

Thank you to all those who showed up for the trial sessions - we hope you had fun! Now that you've had a chance to play and see how our practices will work, here is some important information:

Sign up

To join our club you must be a member of OSI (Oslo student sports association). When you sign up with us, you will automatically receive an invoice for both OSI membership and for the Table Tennis club. The first fee will be 120 NOK, and the second  will be between 300 NOK. Both memberships will last for the whole semester! 

Click here to go to the sign up page! 

Rules and how it will work

The goal of our club is for everyone to have fun, no matter skill level or ambition. With that being said, there are a few things that must be in place for this to work.

Practices: We will be using an app/website called Spond for our practices, which you will have access to once you are a member. There you can see all practices (open slots, time, location) and you will sign up for each practice you wish to attend. This way you can always know that other players are attending as well, or if an event is full or not! We might also dedicate certain practices to different skill levels, so it's easier to find players of similar ability. It is really important that you show up if you have signed up for a practice. However, if you can't come: Leave a comment on the event in Spond at least 24 hours before the practice, so other members can fill the spot!

Equipment: We have rackets and balls for everyone to borrow each practice. But this requires a fellow effort! Take good care of the rackets, e.g. don't throw or damage them, and don't take them home! All club rackets must be put back into our locker at Bjølsen.

And that's it! We will make changes as we go, and are very open to ideas and suggestions from you guys. This is the first semester of OSI Table Tennis, so it will be a process and joint effort to become a great club! Feel free to send me a message on Facebook or an email if anything is unclear.

Regards, Dag Einar

OSI Table Tennis Board

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